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Cattery Design

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Cattery Design; CATS ARE PEOPLE TOO!

CATTERY DESIGN Cats are people too!
Cats are people too!

Animal Boarding; It’s Not All About Dogs!

By: Craig L. McAllesterAt Home In The Cattery
At Home In The Cattery

Cattery Renovation

Though most of my work over the years has been designing kennels, I have worked on quite a few catteries too. Last week, I did some on-site consulting work for an animal shelter in Philadelphia.  They have a large domestic cat population, as well as a large feral cat population. They will be making some facility changes, and with these renovations, the catteries could potentially be relocated.

Boarding Cattery, New Construction

I have also been working on another cattery project in Maryland over the past few weeks.  This one has some unique features. First, this is a boarding cattery. Most often, the catteries I have designed are either for an animal shelter or for a boarding kennel facility, and so, they are designed for within or attached to a kennel. Often, the canine population dominates in number of animals too; usually, but not always.  For that kind of cattery, I try to keep each species in a separate area, but in smaller projects, that can be difficult.  For this project though, it’s all about cats!

Quality vs Quantity

Another unique feature of this project is that all the boarders will be housed in private suites, as opposed to cat condominiums. So often, I am challenged by my clients to ‘saturate’ a plan, that is, get as many animals in as I can.  So, for a boarding facility, this allows owners to get as much money as they possibly can when their occupancy is full. This project, however, is focused on quality of service as opposed to quantity of animals–quite the concept!

Service for a Lifetime

Yet, another unique feature about this project is an area the clients are calling the ‘Lifetime Care Cattery’. This will be a larger, open cattery. The owners are planning to develop a contract with clients, where as, should the pet owner get sick, or become unable to care for their cat(s), these animals would be turned over to the cattery for either adoption, or the cats would remain at the cattery for the remainder of their life. To some, that might be a little hard to understand, but, I can identify with the concept wholeheartedly.  My wife and I have no one to take care of Gordon should we become sick.  It would be nice to know that he would be cared for, just as we have, for the remainder of his life.

As these projects continue to develop, I’ll have future posts and photos to keep you up to date.

Your Next Project:

So, when the time comes for your next animal boarding or shelter project, or if you need to expand or renovate your animal hospital, please consider my design services. I work all across the USA and in countries around the globe.  If you have any questions, I have answers, drop me a note or give me a call.  I’m usually sitting right here designing a kennel.