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A Breeding Kennel for The Royal Family, Doha, Qatar

All our work is custom. No project is too small or too large.

A quite large breeding facility for His Excellency and the Royal Family, in Doha, Qatar.

Wonderful Letter & Video, from Balanced Behavior

It’s always so nice to see a new kennel opening!


Hi Craig,

Happy New Year! I just wanted to give you a quick up date on our facility and send you a link to a video some friends helped us make.
It’s been a busy holiday season but really amazing to see the new building function at top capacity (we were able to board 38 dogs). Almost all the runs had double dogs from the same family and the daycare room had 16 crates. Once we put in more potty yards around the back side of the kennel we could maybe even fit some more.
We just finished getting the upstairs sheet rocked and just need to paint. It’ll be nice to finally have my own office and dog training area. I’m so glad we added the second floor!
Anyways thought you’d enjoy. If you go to our website the video is on the first page:
Thank you so much for all your help in the project. It’s been more functional then I had imagined! Hope you are well and have lots more awesome kennels lined up to design this year!
Kind Regards,

Valley Veterinary Hospital

Because my work is all over the world, I seldom get the chance to see all my projects, first hand, once they are completed. Nancy and I were invited to the ribbon cutting ceremony. What a joy it was to see this truly remarkable facility.

Our scope was the facility design consultant for the animal areas; including the hospital, the boarding kennel and grooming. As such, we worked with the owner to identify what the needs were, and then, assemble those thoughts and then, relay that information to the architect, so that he could incorporate it in his design. We provided floor plan concept drawings, material, finish and equipment specifications. The end result is a wonderful, all new, facility for this existing business. Photos of the Ribbon Cutting are below.

Words like this, make my work, and those very long days so satisfying. It truly is all about the animals.—Craig 

Ribbon Cutting.

A Letter From The Owners:

Valley Veterinary Hospital
Lindsay Shreiber, VMD
Elisabeth Hasslacher
1145 Valley Forge Road
Phoenixville, PA  19640

Dear Mr. McAllester,
As you know, we have finally completed our veterinary hospital with boarding, daycare, grooming and water treadmill therapy services after a few years of planning and building!
You have been wonderful in your advice and expertise for our project and have helped us have a much more successful complex than we would have had without your help. Light years better!!
We had a challenging site and had to incorporate a 285 year old building for our large project. 
I can not thank you enough for your overall help throughout our planning and design process. You taught us critical issues to consider with our architect for designing the best safe animal handling spaces throughout the building and for outside areas. Your guidelines for successful kennel spaces incorporating comfort for our animals while understanding the best kennel safety and hygiene options for our kennel development has been critical.
Your advice about kennel specific building material issues, problems to avoid and your overall assistance with a multitude of planning issues, including for the outdoor spaces of our interior courtyard and our outside fenced areas, to have a healthy successful complex that incorporates animal safety as well as avoiding infrastructure problems was invaluable. 
Thank you also for your help in CADing out what spaces would, and would not, work for designing our hospital area. It allowed us to get perspective and to get good practical working design with our architect, given our site challenges. 
Your overall support and wisdom from your years of experience are greatly appreciated. 
Thank you also for your kindness, reassuring steadiness and patience with all of our questions. Thank you also to Nancy as well for all of her support of your work for us. 
We can not thank you enough. 
Elisabeth Hasslacher and Lindsay Shreiber, VMD 
Valley Veterinary Hospital, Boarding, Daycare, Grooming and Water Treadmill Therapy. 


Ribbon Cutting.


Dr. Shreiber, DMV and Family


The Architect’s Scale Model. This was a major renovation of an old building that was needing a major addition to fit it all in..




Treatment Room










Doctors’ Office




Central Sterile Reserve




TLC or Quiet Room

Canine Boarding

Luxury Ward


Boarding Kennel


Standard Kennel


Guests’ Lockers

Feline Boarding

Feline Entertainment


Cat Boarding


Cat Boarding


Cat Boarding



Indoor Daycare


Time Out Kennels


Ramp To Outdoor Daycare

Uptown Pup Indianapolis

Craig was extremely valuable to our kennel design process, and I can’t imagine doing this without him. He was constantly responsive to our needs, always made incredibly helpful and innovative suggestions, and helped us work with our tight spacing constraints. He also showed care and concern about our startup by recommending ways to conserve our energy costs and other resources. We highly recommend him and will use him when our business is ready to expand!

Amanda Stetzel and Kathleen Schonsheck
Owners, Uptown Pup Indianapolis

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