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So You Want Kennel… but, where do you begin?


My name is Craig L. McAllester, and I’ve been an architectural designer since 1991. We incorporated our business in 1993. In the early days, my work was residential and commercial design including store and medical office space planning.  In the early 2000’s, I was contracted to design a small boarding kennel.  At the time, I knew little about animal containment, but, that would soon change, and in a very big way…

Shortly thereafter, I was asked to design three animal shelters for a company called HoundQuarters. They manufactured a modular kennel building in Phoenix, Arizona and then delivered and built these buildings all across the country.  I became their exclusive designer, attended lectures, trade shows, talked to hundreds upon hundreds of people working in the animal care industry.  All the while, I was constantly learning.

Kennel Under ConstructionLast count, I’ve designed well over 240 animal care facilities all across the USA and in several other countries around the globe.  Each project has been custom designed for the clients’ individual needs and for a variety of uses.  These facilities have been:

  • Veterinary hospitals
  • SPCA animal shelters
  • Boarding kennels
  • Boarding catteries
  • Private kennels
  • Hunting cabin / kennel
  • Animal control kennels
  • Police K9 working dog kennels
  • Military working dog kennels
  • United States Boarder Patrol / Department of HomeLand Security Kennel
  • Canine training facilities
  • Grooming shops
  • Kennel design & consulting services – Available long distance by telephone, or, on your site, anywhere in the world. I often travel to work one-on-one with clients where ever they live. Our clients may be the business owner, a contractor or even an architect needing advice for his own project. I’ve even consulted with zoning officials asking for advice while writing a new animal-related zoning ordinance.

Kennel Under Construction

You might ask, “…so, what’s the big deal about designing a kennel?”. Well,  I’ve written three books on the subject, and, I am writing another one now, specifically for architects. These buildings are anything but typical. They are constantly wet inside and each kennel use has its own unique needs. It is very important to get the design right.

This is what my blog is all about. I try to demystify the design aspects of building and maintaining a kennel in an effort to help owners’ get-it-right from the start. Like anything, it’s not hard to do, if you know the secrets. If you get it wrong, you, your staff and the animals contained within, all pay the price, and usually at a great financial cost.

So, connect with me on LinkedIn and subscribe to my blog. Send me your comments. Perhaps they will be the subject of my next post.  If you need help with the design of your facility, well, that’s what I do. Call on me anytime. I can usually be found right here, in the studio, designing another kennel.

Craig L. McAllester, KennelDesignUSA.com, 1-717-898-7037