Animal Shelter

Craig L. McAllester, Kennel DesignerShelters come in all shapes and sizes.  A shelter may be for only one species, dogs for example, or it may take in any kind of pet, farm animal or even wild animals too. Over the years, each facility I have designed, has been a custom plan specifically for that clients’ needs. It is all about what works for your needs.

For Start-Ups and Established Shelters Alike

Some of my projects have been for small start-up rescues; those who perhaps have a ways to grow before building new or buying land. When designing a facility for these groups, the finished drawings really give the shelter, and their community, a sense of direction. Having a plan in hand, gives a clear picture as to where each dollar raised will go. This direction also gives a would-be donor a sense of investment too. I, personally, would be hard pressed to donate any money to an organization that had no focus, no vision or direction.

Washington, DC Animal Shelter

Some of my projects are for large, well-established shelters. When preparing a design for these facilities, everything existing (real estate, equipment, everything) must be taken into account. This is the case even when they are out of space and need to add on. That way, nothing is wasted. Perhaps a building that is used now for one use, might be better suited for something else.  Or, perhaps an unused building could be rehabbed and put to better use.

Here is a real good example. I have seen where a worthless, run-down, worn-out chicken coup had been renovated for a shelter for ferrel cats. This gave them a dry and safe place to call home. What a far better home that is than being left out in the elements!?

Often, I find myself on a plane heading somewhere to evaluate a shelter or to perhaps offer suggestions to help a shelter grow. We do work in countries all around the world; so if your shelter is on this planet, we can help. If I don’t have the answers you need, I know who does, because that’s what we do. Contact me directly. If I am out, Nancy, my wife, will be here to take your call. Let’s see how best to get you started in designing or expanding your animal shelter.

God Bless those who care for animals!

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