Architectural Consulting Services

Every now and again, we all need a little help. I really admire anyone who asks for help when designing a kennel or shelter for the first time. These buildings are anything but typical. Knowing a few tricks of the trade will go a long way in helping  you to get your project right.

At last count, I’ve designed over 240 animal facilities for many different uses. Each use has its own unique design characteristics. A boarding kennel, for example, would be designed very differently from that of an animal shelter or military working dog kennel. Safety clearances are different, as are spacial allowances for different areas throughout the building. Simply adding more space is not the answer.RFQOn numerous occasions I have had the pleasure of collaborating with architects who are perhaps bidding on the design of an animal care or veterinary related facility. Most often, the architects are in need of a team member with animal design experience and who may help to set there proposal apart from other bidders.

My role in this consulting capacity may be as little or as much as the project demands. These services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing materials for the RFP or RFQ submittal
  • Developing conceptual designs of just the animal areas or of the entire facility
  • Reviewing documents from the standpoint of animal and staff safety
  • Reviewing documents to insure that facility needs are met
  • Attend meetings either in person or online as needed
  • Provide material specifications for animal related FFE